The Sheer Joy of Packaging!

Scipy 2018 Tutorial


Packaging from start to finish for both PyPI and conda


The list of changes integrated in the tutorial after it was first given at the SciPy 2018 conference can be found in the Tutorial Content Updates document.

Your Guides

Michael Sarahan:
Conda-build tech lead, Anaconda, Inc.
Matt McCormick:
Maintainer of dockcross, of Python packages for the Insight Toolkit (ITK)
Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin:
Maintainer of scikit-build, scikit-ci, scikit-ci-addons and python-cmake-buildsystem
Filipe Fernandes:
Conda-forge core team, Maintainer of folium and a variety of libraries for ocean sciences.
Chris Barker:
Python instructor for the Univ. Washington Continuing Education Program, Contributor to conda-forge project. Lead developer for assorted oceanography / oil spill packages.
Jonathan Helmus:
Conda-forge core team. Maintainer of Berryconda. Anaconda, Inc. Builds Tensorflow for fun.